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Framing ideas from Custom Framing Depot

Custom Mirrors and Framing

Custom made to work with your home

We frame an extraordinary number of mirrors each year. Whether it's new construction, home remodeling, or just painting and redecorating, adding a custom mirror changes the entire look of your space. The beauty of a custom made mirror is that we can work from the outside-in by making the frame first so that the size is absolutely perfect for your available space. It is very helpful if you bring in pictures of your room or samples of paint, hardware, fabric, etc. so that our designs work harmoniously with your decor. We also encourage you to take frame samples home and view them in your environment before making your final selection.

the right effect

There are several areas in the home where custom mirrors can be introduced to create different effects. Mirrors have the ability to add depth and light in a room through reflection of light which also adds emphasis to colors. In fact many interior designers compare them to decorative windows which can be moved around. Also, mirrors can be used as mirrored art when set at the focal point of the room in which case the mirror itself becomes artwork. In fact, big wall mirrors add simplicity to space when used correctly. Mirrors and frames can also be customized to create a dramatic effect especially in small spaces or to visually double the space in a room. This can be ideal for the living room, bedroom and sometimes the end of hallways. Other ways in which custom mirrors and frames can be implemented include the creation of a reflected light in rooms that lack adequate natural light for the desired impact.

Custom mirrors come in a variety of styles, shapes and frames to emphasize your personal style. We can custom cut any mirror and mirror frame according to your unique specifications. There is no limitation as to where custom mirrors can be utilized, it all depends on the effect you desire to create in your home, office, or any other place you desire to spice up.